regexr is an R framework for constructing human readable regular expressions. It aims to provide tools that enable the user to write regular expressions in a way that is similar to the ways R code is written. The tools allow the user to (1) write in smaller, modular, named, regular expression chunks, (2) write top to bottom, rather than a single string (3) comment individual chunks, (4) indent expressions to represent regular expression groups, and (5) test the validity of the concatenated expression and the modular chunks.

This framework harnesses the power and flexibility of regular expressions but provides a structural frame that is more consistent with both code writing and natural language conventions. The user decides how to break, indent, name, and comment the regular expressions in a way that is human readable, meaningful, and modular.

Download the development version of regexr here

Help topics

Constructing & Testing Regular Expressions

Function for constructing and testing regular expressions.


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  • Suggests: testthat, qdapRegex
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Tyler W. Rinker