Descriptive Word Statistics


word_stats(text.var, grouping.var = NULL, tot = NULL, parallel = FALSE, rm.incomplete = FALSE, digit.remove = FALSE, apostrophe.remove = FALSE, digits = 3, ...)


The text variable or a "word_stats" object (i.e., the output of a word_stats function).
The grouping variables. Default NULL generates one word list for all text. Also takes a single grouping variable or a list of 1 or more grouping variables.
Optional turns of talk variable that yields turn of talk measures.
logical. If TRUE attempts to run the function on multiple cores. Note that this may not mean a speed boost if you have one core or if the data set is smaller as the cluster takes time to create (parallel is slower until approximately 10,000 rows). To reduce run time pass a "word_stats" object to the word_stats function.
logical. If TRUE incomplete statements are removed from calculations in the output.
logical. If TRUE removes digits from calculating the output.
logical. If TRUE removes apostrophes from calculating the output.
Integer; number of decimal places to round when printing.
Any other arguments passed to end_inc.

Descriptive Word Statistics


Returns a list of three descriptive word statistics: tsA data frame of descriptive word statistics by row gtsA data frame of word/sentence statistics per grouping variable:

  • n.tot - number of turns of talk
  • n.sent - number of sentences
  • n.words - number of words
  • n.char - number of characters
  • n.syl - number of syllables
  • n.poly - number of polysyllables
  • sptot - syllables per turn of talk
  • wptot - words per turn of talk
  • wps - words per sentence
  • cps - characters per sentence
  • sps - syllables per sentence
  • psps - poly-syllables per sentence
  • cpw - characters per word
  • spw - syllables per word
  • n.state - number of statements
  • - number of questions
  • n.exclm - number of exclamations
  • n.incom - number of incomplete statements
  • p.state - proportion of statements
  • - proportion of questions
  • p.exclm - proportion of exclamations
  • p.incom - proportion of incomplete statements
  • n.hapax - number of hapax legomenon
  • n.dis - number of dis legomenon
  • grow.rate - proportion of hapax legomenon to words
  • prop.dis - proportion of dis legomenon to words

mpunAn account of sentences with an improper/missing end mark word.elemA data frame with word element columns from gts sent.elemA data frame with sentence element columns from gts omitCounter of omitted sentences for internal use (only included if some rows contained missing values) percentThe value of percent used for plotting purposes. zero.replaceThe value of zero.replace used for plotting purposes. digitsinteger value od number of digits to display; mostly internal use


Transcript apply descriptive word statistics.


Note that a sentence is classified with only one endmark. An imperative sentence is classified only as imperative (not as a state, quest, or exclm as well). If a sentence is both imperative and incomplete the sentence will be counted as incomplete rather than imperative. labeled as both imperative


It is assumed the user has run sentSplit on their data, otherwise some counts may not be accurate.


## <strong>Not run</strong>: # word_stats(mraja1spl$dialogue, mraja1spl$person) # # (desc_wrds <- with(mraja1spl, word_stats(dialogue, person, tot = tot))) # # ## Recycle for speed boost # with(mraja1spl, word_stats(desc_wrds, person, tot = tot)) # # scores(desc_wrds) # counts(desc_wrds) # htruncdf(counts(desc_wrds), 15, 6) # plot(scores(desc_wrds)) # plot(counts(desc_wrds)) # # names(desc_wrds) # htruncdf(desc_wrds$ts, 15, 5) # htruncdf(desc_wrds$gts, 15, 6) # desc_wrds$mpun # desc_wrds$word.elem # desc_wrds$sent.elem # plot(desc_wrds) # plot(desc_wrds, label=TRUE, lab.digits = 1) # # ## Correlation Visualization # qheat(cor(scores(desc_wrds)[, -1]), = TRUE, by.column =NULL, # low = "yellow", high = "red", grid = FALSE) # # ## Parallel (possible speed boost) # with(mraja1spl, word_stats(dialogue, list(sex, died, fam.aff))) # with(mraja1spl, word_stats(dialogue, list(sex, died, fam.aff), # parallel = TRUE)) # # ## Recycle for speed boost # word_stats(desc_wrds, mraja1spl$sex) # ## <strong>End(Not run)</strong>

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