Replace Temporary Introduction to qdap Vignette


build_qdap_vignette(download.html = FALSE)


logical. If TRUE the file will be downloaded from: This

Replace Temporary Introduction to qdap Vignette


Places the (1) HTML, (2) source, & (3) R code for the Introduction to qdap Vignette in the user's ‘R-VERSION/library/qdap/doc’.


Replaces the temporary (place holder) Introduction to qdap Vignette with the actual vignette.


The knitr built HTML approach above takes about 4 minutes. The user may choose the faster approach (< 30 seconds) that downloads the HTML file directly from the Internet (this is for the latest CRAN release of qdap). This choice is controlled via the download.html argument. The function will ask for the user's permission before writing the documents. Once the user has run this function browseVignettes(package = 'qdap') will allow access to the new vignette files.