reports is a package that assists in writing reports and presentations by providing a frame work that brings together existing R, LaTeX/.docx and Pandoc tools. The package is designed to be used with RStudio, MikTex/Tex Live/LibreOffice, knitr, slidify, knitcitations, Pandoc and pander. The user will want to download these free programs to maximize the effectiveness of the reports package.

Development Version Installation

Download the development version of reports here

Help topics


Functions to generate report/presentation templates.

Text Formatting

Functions to format text.

  • CA
    Capitalize Every Word of String
  • CN
    Wrap Text With Courier New Font Tag
  • CW
    Count Words
  • FT
    Wrap Text With Font Tag
  • GQ
    Format Quotes
  • QQ
    Format Quotes
  • IM
    Convert path/url to HTML Tag
  • LL
    Format Text Lines to LaTeX List
  • QC
    Pandoc Convert a String
  • US
    Insert Underscores in Path
  • YT
    YouTube url to iframe HTML Tag


Function to assist in citing text.

Directory Management

Functions to aid in managing directories/folders.

  • delete
    Easy File Handling
  • folder
    Easy File Handling
  • pad
    Pad Strings
  • rdirs
    Recursive Directory Creation

Document Conversion

Functions to convert documents.

  • tex2docx
    Convert tex/markdown to docx/tex/html
  • md2docx
    Convert tex/markdown to docx/tex/html
  • md2tex
    Convert tex/markdown to docx/tex/html
  • tex2html
    Convert tex/markdown to docx/tex/html

User Defined Templates

Function to create user defined template


Functions that will eventually be removed from the reports package.

  • html5
    Convert md to HTML5 Slides
  • reveal.js
    Convert md to HTML5 reveal.js


  • Depends: gdata
  • Imports: slidify, knitr, knitcitations, markdown
  • Suggests: ascii, brew, installr, pander, ProjectTemplate, qdap
  • Extends: