Load One or More Packages


p_load(..., char, install = TRUE, update = getOption("pac_update"), character.only = FALSE)


Character vector containing packages to load. If you are calling p_load from within a function (or just having difficulties calling it using a character vector input) then pass your character vector of packages to load to this parameter directly.
logical. If TRUE will attempt to install a package not found in the library.
logical. If TRUE will attempt to update all out of date packages. Default allows the user to set a "pac_update" in his/her .Rprofile.
logical. If TRUE then p_load will only accept a single input which is a character vector containing the names of packages to load.
name(s) of package(s).

Load One or More Packages

Load One or More Packages


This function is a wrapper for library and require. It checks to see if a package is installed, if not it attempts to install the package from CRAN and/or any other repository in the pacman repository list.


## <strong>Not run</strong>: # p_load(lattice) # p_unload(lattice) # p_load(lattice, foreign, boot, rpart) # p_loaded() # p_unload(lattice, foreign, boot, rpart) # p_loaded() # ## <strong>End(Not run)</strong>